GTAIV saves lives!

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Well that’s pretty much what people like Jack Thompson won’t be saying.

Interestingly enough though, it is actually true. A young girl from America-Land who’s surname just happens to be Norris (Coincidence? I don’t think so) has acted like a true heroine by saving both of her parents from a car wreck.

While the family of five was on their way to visit some relatives, their 2000 Jeep Cherokee swerved off the road, smashing into a guardrail and playing the roley-poley four times before finally coming to rest on its roof with a smashed out back window. The young girl heroically saved her parents as well as her siblings from the wreck as her mom was hanging upside down and her father was pinned against behind the wheel.

So how is Grand Theft Auto involved? More after the jump.

Here comes the odd and interesting part. When asked, the mother of the 11 year old Audrey Plique gave the following reason for the motivation behind the girls heroics:

“She just knew, from playing ‘Grand Theft Auto.’ She saw on there that when a car rolls over, it can blow up. She knew that could happen to us”

I am not even going to ask why their 11 year old daughter is allowed to sit and watch them play a mature title like GTA IV but who am I to judge when the game is obviously a simulator that teaches us to recognise and take the necessary steps to prevent further injury or death.

It goes both ways folks, if politicians say that children can learn murderous acts from the game due its realistic nature then they cannot deny that the game could teach good things as well.

I am just thankful that she didn’t run off to find the nearest hotdog vendor.

source: MyWebTimes via Kotaku

Last Updated: September 4, 2008

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