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Guild Wars 2 will have beginner-friendly weapons

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Guild Wars 2 launches next week, and chances are high that any household with a dedicated PC gamer inside is going to be seeing a lot less of their loved ones. It’s also a game that is going to have an influx of new players, people who might be overwhelmed at first with the massive amount of choices available to them at the beginning. Which is why Guild Wars 2 is going to have user-friendly weapons with which to slaughter enemies.

“We saw that in Guild Wars 1 people could basically go anywhere they wanted to with all the different skills. You had two different classes, you had a primary profession and a secondary. What we found was that for a lot of people that was just too much. It was a lot of overwhelming stuff,” said systems designer Jonathan Sharp to PC Gamer.

Some people absolutely loved it, though, so what we tried to do for Guild Wars 2 is we said ‘okay, with your utilities, with your heal, with your elite you can decide those things. But for your main skills, your first five, what if it’s just tied to your weapon?’ Which makes it much much easier for a new player – they have a sword thats the same as somebody else’s sword.

Once they get that sword down, they figure out how they want to use it, they can take the rest of their bar and customise their build along with their traits to figure out how they want to play a certain class. So we try to give the best of both worlds there.

And easy accessibility, without alienating fans, is one aspect of an MMO that is never a bad idea. The game has been shaping up nicely over the years, and I’m pretty damn bummed that my current PC won’t be able to handle such an intriguing looking title.

How about the rest of you, are you going to be barricading yourself in a room with enough provisions and two buckets, come August 28?

Last Updated: August 24, 2012

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