Guitar Hero III PS3 Having Wireless Dongle Issues?

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Some disturbing news about the PS3 wireless dongle has been appearing on the Internet recently.

1UP is reporting that the dongle is overly susceptible to common household objects, so much so that the game is virtually unplayable if you have any of the following in close proximity to the PS3. What exactly constitutes close proximity is anyone’s guess.

  • Large metal objects (wtf?)
  • 2.4Ghz wireless phones
  • Wi-Fi (this is severe)
  • Microwaves (also a common object)
  • Cellphones…. seriously didn’t the developers have cellphones?

If you were wondering, the only reason the developers had to use a third party wireless dongle is because the tools to hook into the PS3’s Bluetooth capability have not yet been developed. Bad form Sony…

Luckily for us though is that the PS3 version of Guitar Hero III has been delayed until next year in South Africa so there should be a patch by then…

Guitar Hero III PS3 Having Wireless Dongle Issues? news from

[Thanks to Burns ZA for the tip]

Last Updated: November 5, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Lydon

    LOL what’s the use of playing the game in your house then? The chances of someone not having any of those in close proximity are quick small…depending on how far close really is. Thank goodness the 360s is wired because our whole house is Wi-Fi enabled.

  • SlippyMadFrog

    Same here. I guess the only place you can play PS3 GH2 is in one of those plastic prisons they used to capture Magneto.

  • JP

    It’s confirmed. Sony don’t give a shit about the PS3.

    [quote]the tools to hook into the PS3’s Bluetooth capability have not yet been developed[/quote]

    Like WTF? Sony really HATE their consumers.

  • Ruslan

    I think it should work in the Karoo… I mean, what could possibly cause a conflict with the Blueteeth in that area? 🙂

  • Thomeval

    “Large Metal Objects”…? I wonder if that includes televisions? Or Playstation 3’s?

  • Abe

    Ok sure enough Sony is to blame for not having the connection software ready yet or whatever.
    But Seriously if the devs are using an external dongle then the problems are one hundred percen their problem!
    I mean seriously there are hundreds of bluetooth devices around us all the time and they arnt prone to all those interferance! The devs need to sort their own product out!

  • Burns ZA

    It just seems funny that the PS3 has bluetooth yet it is not available to developers. Very strange.

  • Ruslan

    ” because the tools to hook into the PS3’s Bluetooth capability have not yet been developed.”

    Is that the devs fault or Sony’s Abev?

  • Mr Bubblesworthy

    Thats entirely Sony’s fault.
    But if the devs are now using an external device then they have no excuses

  • Burns ZA

    Like the advanced cell architecture that creates problems for developers, maybe there is also a steep learning curve for hardware add-ons. I’m sure in time once developers come to grips with the advanced hardware setup, things that most people take for granted, like a working wireless setup, or the use of USB, will become a reality.

  • LazySAGamer

    To me the fact that Sony has not opened up the BlueTooth ability is unforgivable 1 year into release.

    They are asking the developers to code on a complicated platform with bad development tools and access to only half the system. Then complaining when the 360 games work better.

    You can blame the developer as much as you like but why should they go through 4 times the amount of effort for half the install base?

  • Abev

    If you want the money then do the work!
    Pure and simple. PS3 still has the possibility to be this generations winner (and IMO it will be.
    They should be looking at it as the begining of a relationship.

  • LazySAGamer

    @Abev, You are personifying sony’s problem at the moment… Remember a games console without games is worthless. If Sony wants the money they have to treat the developers right, not the other way around.

    This generation the developers have a real choice…. Sony should look at this as the beginning of a relationship 😉

  • doobiwan

    Abe, I take it you’re no device programmer.

    BT is just a transport. If Sony don’t open the controller interface API (that’s on the OS software stack) with all the necessary configuration and security info it’s like having an ADSL account with no ISP – absolutely useless.

    And before you go there “Headset” is just an already supported common profile that Sony implemented themselves.

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