Guitar Hero revived for new generation?

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Guitar hero

Guitar Hero was the biggest thing for a long while. It spawned a whole bunch of rhythm games and was strangely fun and addictive. Personally, I wish Rocksmith were as popular seeing as it teaches you how to really play guitar. However, the plastic guitars might be returning soon, this time for a new generation of consoles.

PlayStation Universe is reporting that some recording has been going on at a rehearsal venue based in Purfleet on the outskirts of London. According to their source,

For weeks there’s been ‘extras’ going in. One of the extras finally told me what was going on. Basically for weeks they’ve been recording live crowds for all songs on the next Guitar Hero. Today all the extras are being dressed up all emo-style for one of the songs.

Instead of the animated characters on the stage performing for an audience of tens of cloned animations, we might actually get some impressive crowds on the new consoles. Just imagine, 1080p 60fps cheering as you smash out all your favorite tunes on a plastic guitar. Could it get any better?

The game hasn’t been announced, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Activision revives the title. It used to be a huge seller for them, and the new generation consoles certainly need more party games. Of course, this will probably mean buying new plastic guitars to use on your PS4 or Xbox One. At least you can experience a higher definition game. I’d love to see how they tie it in with the Kinect or PlayStation Camera this time around – everyone wants to share their rockstar face, right?

Were you a fan of Guitar Hero, or did it all seem like a silly waste of time? We all know that the real rhythm game is Dance Dance Revolution, right? Will you be picking this up if and when it releases, or do you prefer to make music on other instruments?

Last Updated: November 5, 2014

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