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Guitar Hero : Warriors of Rock to Feature “Rock and Roll Adventure”

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The next Guitar Hero – and supposedly the only one coming from Activision this year – has received even more details, thanks to the latest issue of Nintendo Power – and if you were worried that it’d just be more of the same, then I guess you can wipe the perspiration from your furrowed brow and breathe a sigh of relief.

This year’s Guitar Hero promises to be a bit different.

Firstly Neversoft have dispensed with the Glam – eschewing even the sex and drugs bits – making the un-numbered sequel one of pure, undistilled rock.

“All of the cool features and things we did in GH5 – the level of polish – [are] still there. Party Play still exists. The ability to play with any instrument combination – all that stuff is still in the game. But what we strove to do here is hand-pick all the songs… We wanted to focus first and foremost on shredding kind of rock,” project lead Brian Bright said.

It’ll even look different. Instead of the showy glitz and glamour of the previous game, it’ll be replaced by a world like those of of heavy metal album covers. In its Gene Simmons narrated tale, “The Beast defeats the demigod of rock, and the demigod of rock is entombed in stone, and his legendary guitar is banished. [The guitar] is the source of his power. And so you are going through and assembling an army of warriors to be able to defeat the Beast,” Bright explained.

Heavy Metal fantasy adventure where your guitar is your power? I think I liked it better when this game was called Brutal Legend.

Source : Nintendo World

Last Updated: May 28, 2010

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  1. Adolph Current

    May 28, 2010 at 14:43

    They’re still making Guitar Heroes? My word, I thought they sucked that wench dry and left her corpse by the side of the road. :silly:


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