Guy creates an underwater case mod – I need one

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Generally I am not that interested in case mods, it’s not that I don’t think they look cool but I am always just left wondering why someone would go through so much effort just to pretty up their case.

Well that is until now, below we have a video of someone creating an underwater computer. Seriously, they have taken apart their computer and submerged everything, except the HDD, in mineral oil.

Then they added some lighting, bubbles and turned it on and it works. It looks truly amazing and yes it’s pointless but I would waste days of my life trying this because it is just that cool.

Aquarium Media Center PC from sirleechalot on Vimeo.

The two questions I instantly had were “Why doesn’t it blow up” and “Why not the HDD”.

The answers are simple, firstly Mineral Oil isn’t conductive and since it is being circulated it is keeping the chips cool. And the HDD spins disks which wouldn’t spin properly when submerged so it had to stay out.

Last Updated: October 7, 2010

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