Halo 3 is dominating the news

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I am not being lazy with my reporting today I just can’t find anything?

The Halo 3 marketing machine has completely taken over all my news sources and seriously a lot of this stuff is really boring, well I think it is… So instead of posting a decent intellectual article (yes they happen sometimes) I am just going to drop all the links for the main Halo 3 stories… Have fun and hopefully I will see you at Northgate tonight.

Some celeb picks up a copy of Halo 3 – Seriously?

A wallmart doesn’t have a midnight launch – How thrilling

Some website I have never heard of doesn’t like Halo 3 – Yay

Limited Edition Halo 3 case is not very good

IGN Rates Halo 3 and likes it – shock horror, actually I haven’t seen this headline but I bet it is there somewhere…

So now you get to troll through some of the better or worse Halo 3 news on the internet today. Here is hoping something happens later one.

Last Updated: September 25, 2007

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