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Halo 4 has wrecked the American elections

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Halo 4 arrived yesterday, in an international release date window that proved that every single country out there can actually benefit from having games sold on the same day that the American versions are. But Halo 4 is evil. Halo 4 will wreck a country. Because according to the bastion of on the pulse journalism from FOX news, that damn game has had a negative impact on the American elections. Harumph!

FOX News ran an article this week where it allegedly implied that younger voters wouldn’t be prepared to rock the vote, because they’d be too busy spending all day playing Halo 4 instead. And not like, according to my speculation, the voting was between the shiniest of two turds.

According to the article, there was a “curious coincidence” that Halo 4 was out on election day, November 6, and that it wasn’t a “happy coincidence”, as Microsoft claimed. As the FOX reporter wrote, “some experts wonder whether the franchise is an unwelcome distraction for both parties, especially with the Halo fanboys."

And then the “experts” were asked to add in their two cents to the debate;

Gaming analyst Jon Peddie explained that according to his research, gamers were "too cool" or "too ignorant" to be concerned with casting their vote, and that the number of gamers in that demographical region was "between 10 and 15 percent of kids of voting age".  Which he then followed with this breathtakingly stupendous quote that will cause your brain cells to commit suicide when read;

"The idiots who can’t get a date and look at the women’s breasts in the games will definitely find Halo 4 more interesting than something that requires thinking," he said. But Peddie cautioned that most younger adults are likely to make the right choice.

"The majority of young adults, especially the ones voting for the first time, will go to the polls," Peddie told FoxNews.com.

Way to play it safe numb-nuts. Tech analyst Charles King was then quizzed on his thoughts, to which he replied;

While no one has hard data on whether Halo 4 gamers will influence the election, there is a logical argument that suggests Halo 4 could have some effect. Tech analyst Charles King says recent polling data suggests that younger voters are already less interested in this election cycle than they were in 2008, and that gamers might decide to buy the game and skip the vote all together.

Microsoft decided to finish the fight then, citing examples of how they actually were encouraging people to go vote, as Xbox Live had a voter outreach program and had aired the debates on their channels.

Also, Halo 4 has an introductory message that asked American players to go and put their mark down. I saw it myself yesterday afternoon when I started playing, as did pretty much everyone else that was online.

Still, it looks like Barry Obama is going to remain in office for another four years, no matter how hard Microsoft attempts to push their right-wing policy to segregate teh noobz and assume a dominant seat of power in the US Senate.


Last Updated: November 7, 2012

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