Halo 4’s gameplay launch trailer

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This is not the action her you're looking for

Not too long ago, Microsoft released a launch trailer for their biggest game of the year, Halo 4. Produced by Fight Club director David Fincher. It offered an interesting look at the Halo Universe, and a glimpse at Master chief’s history – but showed not a damned sausage of gameplay. Microsoft’s remedied that with this new “gameplay” trailer. Sort of.

Calling this a “gameplay” trailer is a bit of a misnomer – because it’s more of a cutscene trailer, sporadically interspersed with bits of in-game action. It’s probably still not enough to get those of you who don’t give a damned about Halo to feign interest – but I have to admit, it’s looking pretty damned good.

Halo doesn’t quite have the following in South Africa that it does elsewhere – probably because the original Xbox only found its way here through grey imports – and the much-delayed PC version was a bit of a rubbish port. Still, South Africa is home to some pretty hard-core, die-hard Halo fans – who’ve played all the games, are intricately versed in the lore and probably have a pair of Petty Officer John whatsisface’s underpants somewhere. Weirdos.

Last Updated: October 24, 2012

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