Halo 5 pushed into 2015 and a Xbox One price cut rumoured

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Oh crap they know everything

I do find it strange that certain sites have certain followers and that somehow Neogaf has turned into the forum where all the industry insiders meet and publicly reveal confidential information about their products.

The latest leak comes from a user called ntknrl who has been verified as an industry insider and not some punk kid making things up so we are taking his statements as what Microsoft currently has planned.

The first one is that Halo 5 isn’t going to be seeing the light of day until at least 2015 which is a little depressing for the Halo fans out there but it’s not all bad news. Apparently Halo 2 is getting a 1080p HD remake which will include improved multiplayer and that will be releasing exclusively on the Xbox One later this year. The readers over at Neogaf are ecstatic about that but I can honestly say that I’m not overly interested in playing a remake on my brand new console, that’s if I had one that is.

Other games that we can expect later this year are Forza Horizon with a sexy new weather system, Sunset Overdrive is also in holiday 2014 and the much-anticipated Quantum Break which is the title I”m most excited about.

A new Fable will be landing in 2015 which will make our old intern very happy indeed and it looks like Microsoft are going to reattempt Crackdown but we won’t see that until 2016.

The leak also revealed the first DLC for TitanFall is planned for 45 days after release with the second release 120 days after initial release.

He also mentions that Microsoft are planning an optical disc free Xbox One that will retail for $399 and is planned for later this year.

But don’t expect any Gears of War news anytime soon as that is expected to have at least a 2 1/2 year long development cycle.

And last but not least if you really want a white Xbox One then you may be in luck with one planned for later this year alongside a 1Tb Xbox One. That’s all we have so far, well that and the breaking news we posted earlier that South Africa will only receive their Xbox One units in October this year.

So has anything here made you excited about the Xbox One’s future plans? I know I’m excited that they didn’t mention Skype once in the entire leak.

Last Updated: January 30, 2014

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