Halo 5’s multiplayer doesn’t look that different

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343 Industries have their hands extremely full for the rest of the year. Not only are they still trying to sort out The Master Chief Collection’s terrible matchmaking, they have a massive beta coming up in a few weeks. Halo 5 is making a brief appearance before the end of the year, and another look at its gameplay has me all sorts of excited.

Check out 16 brand new minutes of Halo 5: Guardians gameplay, without any annoying commentary and enough headshots to make you reconsider that idea of ever becoming a professional Halo player. If you can, turn the quality up to take in all of the game’s fluid beauty.

For all the talk of Halo 5: Guardians changing the online formula drastically, I have to say that it looks surprisingly familiar throughout. There’s the regular hopping around to avoid fire and switching to the pistol for more long-range death dealing – things you’d encounter in most Halo multiplayer modes anyway. For the most part the only change that constantly gets some love is the little boost pack, which allows you to shift direction mid-air, get into cover quicker and make longer, more improbable jumps even easier.

Aiming down the sights (the most controversial addition) crops up here and there, but the speed of the game coupled with the balancing of de-scoping really seems to make it a non-issue. For the most part scoping is only really useful if you happen to find yourself alone and far from the action, and clearly nowhere else.

I’m sure it’s still gong to feel different, but right now it’s looking far more like a logical evolution of the series rather than a complete eSports overhaul. We’ll only really be able to tell that later this month, when the Halo 5 beta goes live for everyone currently struggling to find an online game in The Master Chief Collection. The beta will also last three weeks, giving you the chance to bring in the new year with a bang, followed by an obligatory tea bagging.

Last Updated: December 1, 2014

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