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Halo is 10 Years old – Epic Video Released

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Halo is a phenomenon, whether you are an avid Halo player or not it is impossible to ignore the cultural impact of Halo in the Western world or it’s part in moving console gaming online and gaming as an industry into something that is accepted by mainstream media.

From it’s humble origins 10 years ago at a Mac conference to the billion (?) dollar empire that it has become, it is something to behold.

It’s simplistic pick up and play ability along with an incredibly in depth tactical side has really put this brand into a league of it’s own.

To celebrate a decade of Halo’s existence Bungie has released the above montage and I really recommend you give it a viewing, it’s pretty impressive.

I would also recommend following the link below to read Bungies overview of the last 10 years along with the highlights that they chose.

My personal Halo moment would be flying through the air between buildings and managing a triple kill with my rocket launcher without getting a scratch on me. Awesome times…

Thanks Janrik for the tip

Source: Bungie

Last Updated: July 23, 2009

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