Halo Reach Has Auto-Mute Function: Technology These Days!

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“Hey Fa**ot, I totally f****ed your g*y mom last night while I was PWZORRORIZNG your ugly face with my my sniper rifle and tea-bagging your girlfriend with my huge ba**s.

Sound familiar? Well if you’ve ever played Halo then you would know exactly where foul-mouthed creativity like that comes from. Even though it’s the words of a 40 year old ex-convict, they are usually spewing out the mouth of a kid who is barely old enough to see a Michael Bay movie without his mom holding his hand.

Halo Reach has a wonderful new addition to its feature list that has only now become apparent, and I like it, nay… I love it.

Bungie’s Tyson Green let the world know (thanks to a comment in an article about keeping sane while playing Halo – on Arstechnica) that they have created a new function that uses some clever dark magic and sorcery to help you with your problem.

The auto-mute monitors users on Xbox Live who are being consistently muted by other players in game lobbies. Get muted too many times and you get the system will automatically auto-mute from that point on. Here’s the full quote:

“As for the general woes of voice on XBL, we have added an “Auto Mute” mechanism that notices, warns, and eventually defaults players to being Muted when they enter games if they are muted by enough people over a period of time. There’s some other stuff in there to prevent cabals of players from maliciously muting, but you get the basic idea. It’s better than a straight up voice ban as you can always un-mute a punished teammate if you don’t mind opening Pandora’s box.”

So then, talk too much smack and your mouth will get pwned by Bungie’s err… mute hammer, that doesn’t sound quite right.

I do like the fact that he mentions that there is some “other stuff” in there to prevent people from doing mass mutes on people and screwing them over, so kudos to them for realising that people actually do things like that.

Also, if you want you can go into the options and set your audio to only allow voice from team and party members, so do that if you can’t handle the squeaky voices anymore.

Source: ArsTechnica (via Halo.Bungie.org and Joystiq)

Last Updated: September 16, 2010

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