Halo Reach Introduces: Pimp My Spartan

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One of the major changes that has taken place in gaming over the latter half of the last decade is the inclusion of a ranking or leveling system within multiplayer.

A good example is that of the systems used in Modern Warfare and Bad Company, which rewards players by ranking them up, unlocking items and weapons as well as trivial bits and pieces such as badges and icons.

Bungie have decided to take Halo Reach to a new level, and have also introduced a credits reward system – combined with constantly changing challenges – that will allow players to spend said credits on cool stuff to make their character more unique.

A post from G4TV has given us all the info, stating that the new challenge system will be constantly changing. You could almost think of them as mini achievements or trophies. While you should still be able to earn credits normally, you can earn a lot more by completing these challenges, which will change and be updated over different time periods, such as daily or weekly challenges.


A great addition that fans of either single or multiplayer is that the character you create and use in the game will cross over from single to multiplayer as well. The challenges will also take place in both scenarios.

Reach is also going to keep track of how you play and show it on your profile, which means that random people jumping into teams together will easily be able to see who is the best driver, sniper etc. Another great addition is that those of you out there who prefer to play support roles like drivers will now be rewarded for a job well done, rather than given nothing because you were slaving away at the wheel while your buddy mowed everything down on the turret.

For more information click through the link below, but for those of you who are lazy like us, you can also just watch the G4 video which I have posted below.

Source: G4TV

Last Updated: March 26, 2010

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