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Hancock: The Game – I sincerely hope this is a joke

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If this isn’t a joke, I think I might throw up in my mouth a little bit.

What we have here, is a video from Gametrailers.com which is an exclusive new trailer for the videogame version of Hancock. If you don’t know about Hancock, it’s an upcoming movie featuring Will Smith that takes a look at superpowers from a different perspective.

Will Smith doesn’t get involved in movies lately unless he knows that it’s going to be a huge hit. The trailers for the movie are looking fantastic as well, so the thought of cashing in on a crappy licensed game doesn’t actually surprise me. With really bad licensed Superhero games like Superman and Iron Man, I wasn’t expecting much, but if this trailer turns out to be legit, it will be a dark day for gaming.

No wait, hang on.

(Excuse the real time writing)

I just watched this video again and it says that you will play it online. Is this game going to be played in a browser? That would explain the graphics.

What does this mean though, are they still going to try and cash in on the console market or will this be it? I sincerely hope that they don’t make people pay for this. What scares me the most is that it says “Debut Trailer”, which starts making me think that this is not going to be some sort of little nifty promotional game.

I am confused, what in the heck are they doing?

source: N4G

Last Updated: June 13, 2008

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