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Harmonix: No Rock Band 3 in 2009

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At CES, Harmonix said there will be no Rock Band 3 this year as they want to spend more time with Rock Band: Beatles.

Thank the Lord that Harmonix wont be pulling an Activision and running the series into the ground (ala Guitar Hero). This pleases me immensely and I hope Harmonix continues to make sure quality always outweighs quantity. While Rock Band: Beatles is no better, in theory, than Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, at least they can put some polish on and make it a good expansion pack without having to quickly kick it out the door so work on a numbered instalment can continue.

Activision could really learn from this. They recently released a AC/DC disc expansion thing that was essentially an overpriced track pack. What doesn’t bode well for Guitar Hero is the CEO of Activision said, on record, they wont make a game unless it can be exploited. Have you counted the amount of Guitar Hero games since Activision took over? I count 7.

To be fair, at least we get Guitar Hero games here. Guitar Hero 2, with two guitars, was one of the best multiplayer experiences I have ever had. However, R3100 I will not pay for a game (World Tour I’m looking at you.)

What do you think?

Source: Gameplanet

Last Updated: January 9, 2009

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