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Has Call of Duty peaked?

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It’s the headline that Battlefield fans have been screaming for months and now it seems like the financial analysts are wondering the same thing as two analysts, Michael Pachter and Ben Schachter, have been speaking to GamesIndustry and have stated that they are worried that Call of Duty has peaked.

However it has very little to do with EA’s Battlefield charge and while they feel CoD lost some players to that they feel they are just a small margin and the bigger risk is coming from the slowdown in sales across the entire industry and the fact that a new generation is about to launch.

A big sign for the possible peak was when Black Ops managed to out sell Modern Warfare 3 and all eyes are now on Black Ops 2’s multiplayer which is apparently redesigned entirely from the ground up in regards to perks and streaks.

However if this doesn’t turn out to be accurate then the analysts feel the sales will reflect the industries disappointment with that and sales will once again lag behind the original Black Ops.

This doesn’t mean sales are going to be bad however with the title expected to be the top selling title this year, a position it is expected to hold until GTA5 is released next year.

From my side I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty in the single player again as I love the CoD campaigns and then running around for a bit in MW3.5’s multiplayer. Hopefully though I’m surprised by Activision and Treyarch

Last Updated: August 6, 2012

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