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Has Microsoft stolen the next big game as an exclusive?

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And here we thought the software version of the console wars was slowing down with pretty much all the top titles starting to hit both consoles. Well if a rumour posted by Kotaku is correct then Microsoft may have just taken a giant leap towards the finish line with what is expected to be a huge title, or should I say exclusive title.

The guys behind Respawn studio’s are the brains behind the incredibly well received Modern Warfare series, and ever since Activision kicked them out they have been hard at work at the newly formed Respawn studio’s, partnered with EA, creating the next big shooting experience.

Very little is known about the upcoming title but from what we’ve heard the game will be an always online massively multiplayer shooter.

The two factions are currently entitled David and Goliath with the Davids being heavily armed foot soldiers and the Goliaths are massive exoskeletons that are controlled by people. So like a mech warrior but far more fluid and agile.

It instantly sounds like an unfair battle but I’m sure there are some gameplay techniques being used to even out that battle.

With the brains behind this game along with the huge amount of money EA are prepared to throw into the ring I really can’t see this game missing the mark on its release. And now with the latest rumour being that Microsoft has thrown the piggy bank at the studio to secure it as a next Xbox only title the team have really been given the freedom of the city to make something incredible.

However there is still a red flag over this rumour as EA have always been very closely linked with PlayStation and could well cause an issue between Activision and Microsoft who may see this as competition to their timed exclusivity deal.

I for one love the sound of the game and with the Xbox’s rumoured ability to enforce an online only connection this could make the Xbox the only viable console for this type of game.

Will we see this title unveiled at the massive Xbox event planned for the 21st of May? I’m going to guess we get a teaser with a full reveal at E3.

Do you think this could be the title that makes people think twice about jumping on the PlayStation 4 bandwagon? Especially in the shooter dominated American and European markets?

Last Updated: April 30, 2013

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