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Has WipEout been saved?

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A month ago, we got some sad news that Sony had effectively canned WipEout. No, not the inane TV game show which scrapes below a barrel which is resting below another barrel to find contestants, but essentially, Studio Liverpool, the producer of such high-speed racing titles, which had been scuppered. It looked like the former Psygnosis studio had been shut down and started handing out pink slips, until some cryptic new messages have given us a ray of hope once again.

While Liverpool Studio may apparently be no more, their Twitter feed is still active, as the following tweet was posted yesterday, followed by a splash of concept art:


When asked for some clarity regarding that back from the dead, Sony had a “no comment”,er,comment, for VG247. I’m personally hoping that WipEout has been rescued, as based on the fan reaction towards Liverpool Studio being shut down last month, it’s been a tad negative towards Sony.

It’d be stupid to allow the venerable franchise to die as well, but a safe bet would be towards Sony using a different studio to create a new WipEout game, with the remnants of Liverpool joining their ranks.

Last Updated: September 18, 2012

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