Have Faith in a Catalyst for Mirror’s Edge

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Mirror s edge

I have overcome my first-person induced nausea. Simulator sickness is still mostly a thing of the past, although I’m still not quite confident enough in that statement to test out the Oculus Rift, or even to play Dying Light. Mirror’s Edge is one of the games that I was very sad to miss out on back in the day, but I might just be able to set things in motion to try out the next instalment, Catalyst.

After EA trademarked and registered the Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst domain, obviously everyone presumed we’d only get confirmation during E3. While that’s still probably the case, at least this hint was dropped on twitter:

One could certainly argue that Faith was a catalyst for change in Mirror’s Edge, and it could be a nice name for the second game in the franchise. People are getting hyped and excited, but I’m still just a little bit worried. What if this isn’t the actual Mirror’s Edge 2 game that everyone is hoping for, but some sort of tie-in title? You know, I don’t want to even bring that kind of pessimism in. We already had reason to believe that EA would tell us more about the latest Mirror’s Edge game at E3 this year – let’s just try to excited instead of nervous and assume this new game will be called Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst.

So, EA will be showing off Mirror’s Edge, Mass Effect and Battlefront. Does that balance out the obligatory Sims and Sports content, too?

Last Updated: June 9, 2015

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