Have hackers stolen DayZ code?

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Despite being so ubiquitous as to be cliché, zombie games still abound. The most prolific at the moment, quite probably, is the online massively multiplayer survival one, DayZ. It’s a game that teaches players something very important; When it comes to survival humans can be a more terrifying threat than the undead. Humans are jerks. And they may have stolen DayZ’s source code.

A “hacker” of sorts claims to have thiefed the game;’s source code, which would open the thing up to all manner of invulnerability. “I’m the queen of England,” you might wittily reply – but an attack on its servers have been confirmed by developer Bohemia Interactive.

Information on the hack was posted up on unknowncheats.me, before summarily being removed, but it’s been saved for posterity by Google’s webcache and Reddit.

The alleged attacker, one, “DevDomo” posted pictoral evidence of access to Bohemia’s FTP servers. the company has since confirmed that they have “detected an attack ” on some of their servers but that  “the precise nature and scope of this attack is currently being extensively investigated.”

According to reports, the alleged hacker may have released a debugging tool for the game, which would mean that a game filled with human jerks might just be filled with more of them. If all of this is true, Sony Online’s  H1Z1 will start looking mighty appealing.

Last Updated: May 15, 2014

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