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HAWX Demo Available on XBL and PSN

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[Update: Mere moments after posting the article we received a press release that informed us that a bug in the PS3 versions co-op mode that causes it to not actually work has caused the demo for PSN to be delayed until the 26th of February, which kind of sucks now doesn’t it.]

In case you missed it, the HAWX demo was made available over Xbox Live yesterday and will be available today on PSN as well.

If you are a fan of flight games, then make sure you check it out, and if even if you aren’t, you may be pleasantly surprised. I really didn’t know why Ubisoft bothered to go into the whole flight combat idea, but after playing through the preview code (repeatedly I might add), I’m really happy that they did.

The demo weighs in at 724MB, which while still not absolutely fantastic for our caps, is still a whole lot less than a lot of the 1.5GB demo’s coming out these days.

Last Updated: February 12, 2009

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  1. having played the demo.. i’m not sold on it yet.

    Ace Combat with awkward ‘safety off’ flight mode.

    Dunno, maybe the coop makes it more fun.


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