Haze is PS3 exclusive for the foreseeable future

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Haze PS3 Exclusive  

Haze was originally a PS3 exclusive before becoming a cross platform shooter. Well now it has decided that it wants to be a PS3 exclusive again.

While no reasons have been given for this change of heart the rumours are that it is either that Sony paid for it because it is just that good. Or the developers where struggling to get the game onto normal DVD without being able to cache on the HDD…

The second reason explains why the 360 version could be dropped but not the PC version as all PC’s have hard drives…. So did Sony pay for it or did the developers just feel they should perfect one game instead of finish 3 games?

This is my type of game so hopefully they do a really good job on it…

Haze is PS3 exclusive for the foreseeable future – PS3 Fanboy

Last Updated: September 3, 2007

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