Hearthstone eSports is a thing

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Hearthstone esports

We all knew that Hearthstone was going to go big. It’s an addictive game and people with all kinds of gaming tastes are getting hooked – it’s even coming to iPad so you can carry on your addiction on the move. But how much impact is it having on eSports?

Locally, Hearthstone has started out in eSports already. The DGL has a Hearthstone league that you can go sign up for Winter Leg; 295 people played in the Summer Leg and I’d wager that even more will take part in the Winter Leg. Hearth Battles has also launched, offering winners the chance to win Steam vouchers (courtesy of Evopoints) and Battlecoins. So the local Hearthstone scene is starting off strong, especially considering how recently the game came out of Beta.

Internationally, the game hasn’t gotten much eSports attention, until now. Over on the Hearthstone forums, it looks like there’s a possibility of becoming a Hearthstone World Champion. This will use ranked play, as well as other means to qualify:

The Regional Qualifiers for the Americas region will take the top 16 players from each of the first five Ranked Play seasons (April-August) and pit them against each other until only the best remain. The European regional tournament will function in the same manner as the Americas region. Korea/Taiwan and China will have slightly different qualification methods that will be detailed soon.

Becoming a Top 16 Legend player isn’t the only way to qualify for the Americas or Europe regional tournament – more information regarding how to qualify outside of Ranked Play will be announced at a later time. Performing well in multiple Ranked Play seasons will also be rewarded, so make sure you play your best each season!

So, go best the other Europeans in ranked play and show them why your South African deck is best. I can’t wait to hear the game shoutcasted.

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Last Updated: April 9, 2014

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