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Hearthstone’s future doesn’t lie in just adding new cards

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Apparently card games are popular these days. Which is good news, because my Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards are starting to gather dust. The catch here of course however, is that it’s digital card games which have really taken off. And you can thank Blizzard’s Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft for that resurgence. It’s been a great year for Blizzard since the game officially released. A year of expansions more cards and experimental ideas that have proven to be successful. But Blizzard wants to keep that momentum rolling, and elevate Hearthstone above being a mere one-year wonder.

“I want Hearthstone to be played over a long period of time – certainly over many years,” director Eric Dodds said to GamesMaster via GR, explaining how the most obvious way to keep the game alive may not be the best method possible.

There are a lot of questions that we’re talking about internally that need to be answered. One of those issues does surround the adding of new cards, because we know we can’t just keep adding cards forever. It’s important to figure out solutions to that kind of thing.

For Hearthstone, that goal is then to “maintain the long-term health of the game,” but as Dodds admitted,  the teams are “not ready to pitch a solution yet” and that there are “a lot of things to figure out”. Whatever that solution may end up being, Dodds and his team want to be certain that they’ll “hit the exact right answer” first before announcing it to the world. One thing that won’t change however though? The game still having plenty of support, as Dodds explained that “it’s our intention to make sure the game is supported and does well for many years to come”.


Last Updated: May 22, 2015

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