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Hellgate: London – Shutting Down in January

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It’s no secret that Hellgate: London was a miserable failure.

The team behind the title mostly comprised of ex-Diablo developers who banded together to form Flagship Studios. The game enjoyed massive hype and had followers dying to get their hands on the game, especially when the CG trailers were looking so incredibly impressive.

Unfortunately, once released, it didn’t take long to figure out that the game was nothing but a huge disappointment. The quests were boring, the controls weren’t great and the world felt dead, completely destroying the MMO feeling that Flagship had originally set out to create.

Well now, little over a year after it’s release, the servers are going to finally shut down.

January 31st will be the last day that Hellgate sees and until then, there will be no subscription fees for the game.

It really is a shame to see that a game with so much potential failed to deliver the goods. This is just a reminder to developers out there that unless you have thought everything through and given 110%, your game may very well have it’s plug yanked from the wall.

source: 1UP

Last Updated: October 27, 2008

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