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Hellgate Open Beta launches today

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Launched back in 2007, Hellgate: London was an addictive action game from developer Flagship studios, a team made up of ex-blizzard employees. Set in a near future version of London that had been overrun by the armies of hell, it was up to players to don some knightly techno armour and push the hordes back into the underworld. Despite the great ideas and gameplay put forth in the title however, sales were poor and Flagship studios had to close down due to bankruptcy. Namco Bandai kept the multiplayer servers running until January 2009 at least, but that was the end for the small following of dedicated fans. Until another studio got their hands on the property at least.

Korean studio HanbitSoft have remastered the game, redesigning it as a free to play title that it hopes will draw in more people to the unique game. While the Korean public have already been playing the beta for a while now, the publisher for the North American market, T3 Entertainment, will be allowing for open beta testing to the public from today, from 7:30pm EST.

To entice more players, special events have been planned, such as unique in-game events, a PvP arena and the Cow Room level, a stage filled with zombies. Anyone playing today will also receive a mystery prize.

For more info, see the official Hellgate site.

Source: Gamepro.com

Last Updated: July 1, 2011

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