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Help choose the BT Games Diablo cosplay winner

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Diablo 3

On Monday night while most of you were just lining up to get your copy of Diablo 3 from your favourite retailer some others were dressing up as their favourite characters in an attempt to win a gaming hamper from BT Games valued at R6000.

That’s no small change and as you can expect there is some stiff competition to see who walks away with the grand prize, so take a minute out of your day to look through all 25 finalists and then place your vote.

The lead is currently very close between numbers 21 and 20 but contestant 22 is making a play for the lead and is one of my favourites.


So have you chosen a favourite? Then head on over to the voting page here and place your vote and let us know in the comments below who you voted for and why?

And I think maybe we should club together and buy a new camera for BT Games Eastgate, those are some terrible quality photo’s you have right there.

Last Updated: May 17, 2012

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