Here are some new shots of The Division

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Ubisoft’s The division was a clear winner at E3 last year, showing the sort of thing we might expect from the new consoles. It’s an MMO-esque, online multiplayer RPG squad shooter set in a post-apocalyptic New York, with a focus on survival. And it continues to look incredible.

It’s all about “The Division,” a group of elite agents who serve as the US’ last resort as the whole planet turns to pot after a virus spreads through everything. Their job is to stop the spread of the viruses, containing the pandemic and mopping up the remnants of a broken and diseased society. It’s got loot, it’s got progression, it’s got a persistent world – so your actions have real consequence. It’s also got a nifty companion app that’s a real-time isometric game in its own right.

Developer Massive Entertainment is responsible for Ground Control and World in Conflict – so they know a thing or two about tactical games.

It’s a pity that the game’s probably been delayed to 2015, because I want it on my PS4, right now. Here are some new shots of the game, showing just how damned sexy the thing looks. Of course, these are probably bullshots, and not really indicative of how the final game will look, running on actual console hardware, but I don’t really care.

It’s coming to PS4 and Xbox One, and was recently announced to be heading to PC too.

Last Updated: January 22, 2014

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