Here are the Spec Ops: The Line Bundle winners

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Thanks to the jolly good chaps over at Megarom, we have 3 copies of 2K and Yager development’s critically acclaimed, emotionally heavy shooter Spec Ops: The Line to give away, bundled with a bunch of sand-friendly merchandise like scarves, and hats, and bags, and camels and stuff. Ok, that was just a joke. We’re not really giving away scarves. What do we look like? Markhams?

Ok, for realsies: 3 readers get to have an even better Friday by walking away with :

  • Spec Ops Bag
  • Spec Ops Scarf
  • Spec Ops Bandana
  • Spec Ops Key ring
  • Spec Ops Badge pack and of course
  • Spec Ops: The Line

Those three lucky so-and-so’s are :


Matthew Hurst (Xbox 360), Alastair Radloff (Ps3) and Darran Campbell (Xbox 360) who’ll soon be up to their knees in the crumbled remnants of weathered rocks. Congrats, chaps.

Last Updated: July 6, 2012

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