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Here’s a closer look at the gleaming metropolitan warzone that is Promethea in Borderlands 3

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For the last decade, Borderlands has primarily based all of its wacky location on one planet and a very Australian moon. Pandora is the name of the cosmic sphere, and it’s home to loot, adventure and mystery. It’s also a bit of a craphole thanks to an ecosystem comprised of everything from those damn Skags to hentai monsters beneath the soil and rapidly-evolving super Varkids who can easily shrug off your most powerful rocket launcher attacks if you don’t stop them from slipping into an upgrade cocoon.

In Borderlands 3, the gang is finally going somewhere else. While Pandora still has its fair share of attractions where players can loot ‘n shoot to their heart’s content, the universe beyond that mudball includes a few new tourist traps. Gearbox dropped details on one of them yesterday, the Atlas Corporation stronghold known as Promethea where a certain fan favourite character from Telltale’s stab at a more narrative Borderlands adventure happens to currently reside. Check it out:

While you’ll have to wait until September to set foot on Promethea, here’s a whole bunch of lovely screenshots to tide you over in the interim:

Home to the Atlas corporation headquarters, Promethea is a metropolitan world covered in futuristic towers of chrome and glass. A recent siege by Maliwan has turned the urban environment into a warzone; their mechanized infantry patrol the streets, rodent/insect hybrids known as Ratches infest the sewers and back-alleys, and the Children of the Vault are seizing the opportunity to recruit displaced and disgruntled citizens. Atlas CEO Rhys Strongfork is getting desperate.

Huh, looks like a shiny metropolis of industry, if you can ignore the fact that the streets are a cesspool of filth filled with all manner of homicidal degenerates looking to make a quick buck. Just like Los Angeles! Borderlands 3 will be dropping dubsteptacular beats on bandit faces on September 13 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Just remember, there won’t be any catch a ride shenanigans, what with Scooter being completely un-alive and all.

Last Updated: July 26, 2019

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