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Here’s a look at Prophecy, the game Sucker Punch almost made instead of Ghost of Tsushima

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Developer Sucker Punch had plenty of ideas for a new game before they settled on Ghost of Tsushima, but out of all of them it appears that Prophecy may have been the closest to being realised. A far cry (not that one) from the samurai sandbox epic that would eventually be released, Prophecy was more steampunk than a top hat decorated with cogs and goggles, was grim and and also served as a reminder that smoking could be hazardous to your health.

It never saw the light of day…until now! An 11 minute gameplay demo from 2015 has popped up on Reddit, revealing Prophecy’s blend of medieval parkour, steampunk aesthetics and a bunch of nasty fellas who want the head of master thief Tavora to decorate their collection of pikes. No slouch when it comes to combat, Tavora has an arsenal of chemicals that he can use to level the playing field. Here’s a link within this line, in case the video embedded below gets slapped with a DMCA hand that would send the burliest of Russians flying:

I’m not going to lie: That looks entirely…okay. There are definite strands of InFAMOUS: Second Son DNA within the framework of Prophecy, as well as a few hints of Ghost of Tsushima within it as well, but the gameplay demo doesn’t exactly offer anything that hasn’t been seen a thousand times before. The world of Prophecy still looks incredibly realised, but in contrast to Ghost of Tsushima’s lush landscapes and artistic vision? There’s no competition here. ResetEra also has a selection of renders from the project, that you can peruse below to see more of Tavora and some freaky monsters:

Also you can totally tell that this game is from 2015 because Tavora doesn’t have that faded crop hairstyle that EVERY video game protagonist since 2017 has been sporting. And now I’m more thankful than ever before for Ghost of Tsushima. The game’s a stunner, and almost never was as Sucker Punch mulled over pirates, a Rob Roy epic and the Three Musketeers before they finally settled on focusing all of their efforts on a Jin and tonic recipe. It’s good for what ails ya.

Last Updated: July 22, 2020

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