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Turok: Dinosaur Hunter is a game that needs no explanation. But I better do it anyway. The last time the son of Stone appeared in a game, it was way back in 2008. It wasn’t a runaway success, but then again, I don’t want to live in a world where dinosaur-hunting with plasma rifles is frowned upon. And at one point, a sequel was on the way.

Before the studio closed down for good, Propaganda Games had completed quite a bit of prep on a Turok seque. Someone who was working on that second game, released a ton of concept art over the weekend, as well as some video of T-Rex checkin’ and wreckin’ crap up that NeoGAF nabbed. Check it out below:

Turok (10)Turok (11)Turok (12)Turok (13)Turok (14)Turok (15)Turok (16)Turok (17)Turok (18)Turok (19)Turok (20)Turok (21)Turok (22)Turok (23)Turok (24)Turok (25)Turok (26)Turok (27)Turok (28)Turok (29)Turok (30)Turok (31)Turok (1)Turok (2)Turok (3)Turok (4)Turok (5)Turok (6)Turok (7)Turok (8)Turok (9)

Much like everything else in life, Disney currently owns the Turok license. But with sales for 2008’s Turok not exactly being a chart-topper, don’t expect to see the cult classic character return any time soon.

Last Updated: September 16, 2013

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