Here’s when you can start playing Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris

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Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris (3)

HAPPY CURSE OF OSIRIS LAUNCH DAY EVERYBODY! It’s a Tuesday, there’s more Destiny 2 on the horizon and I’m happier than a fat kid without parental supervision in a candy store. Today isn’t just the start of a new chapter in the ongoing saga of Destiny 2, but rather an evolution of the sequel. There’s a whole stack of changes on the horizon for Destiny 2, all aimed at making Bungie’s sandbox that much better in the endgame stages, that’ll kick off later today. Here’s a launch trailer to whet your appetite for what’s to come.

Right, so when does the fun begin? Remember, Curse of Osiris will also begin a new weekly reset time, which moves from the usual 11AM on M Bison’s favourite day to the following time zones for my fellow Guardians across the world:

  • 7PM CAT
  • 9AM PST
  • 12PM ET
  • 5PM UK
  • 6PM CET
  • 4AM Australian Time around Sydney side mates

Which is just fine and dandy for me. The trailer above is also well worth a watch, because it drops a few visual clues towards some of the new weapons and gear that I am more than willing to wage a one-man Vex genocide across all of time and space for. Such delightful new weapons look like exotics such as the Red Death Hand Cannon and the infamous Red Death Rifle. I’ve taken a bunch of screens for you to sift through, because I’m just such a swell fella:

Looking good! Curse of Osiris has plenty to offer from the looks of things, ranging from the new Mercury Zone to explore, gear and the return of one of the most enigmatic Guardians to ever wield the power of the Traveller’s Light. Also a new Crucible, where I can shoot your face off. Oh yes, it’s true: I’ve actually become rather good at Destiny PVP thanks to a magical netcode that doesn’t make me stutter through matches like a malfunctioning Vex Minotaur caught in a time loop.

So when will the actual download be available for Curse of Osiris? From these times!

  • 10AM CAT
  • 9AM CET
  • 8AM UK
  • 3AM EST
  • 7PM Australian Time around Sydney side mates

Destiny 2’s maintenance kicks off at 5PM CAT today and should end at midnight. Around about then, you should be able to start playing the expansion when the servers are back online.

Last Updated: December 5, 2017

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