Here’s a closer look at Overwatch’s Loot Box drop rates

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I love Overwatch for its characters, mechanics, lore, and more, but that’s not why I’m addicted to it. The reason I itch to play nonstop stems, believe it or not, from its cosmetics.

Yes yes, I can see you all rolling your eyes, but I’m being deadly serious – I love shiny loot! The cycle of addiction for suckers like me goes something like this…

Play the game for an hour or two and level up. Obtain a Loot Box for all your hard work. Open said Loot Box (and pray that Blizzard are gracious enough to grant you that damn Junkrat legendary skin you’ve been eyeing for the past few weeks). Unearth some boring commons and a yawn-worthy rare instead. Resist urge to swipe credit card. Go back to grinding for the next loot box.

Out of the 31 loot boxes I’ve opened, I’ve only obtained two legendary drops. TWO. One wasnt even a skin – it was a whack of currency, which I subsequently used to buy the Mei cosmetic seen in the header above. The other I got was a skin for Mercy – one of my least played heroes.

Anyhow, what gives? Are the legendary drop rates that bad? Or have I just been that unlucky?

A Redditor by the name of Ourobouros (Resident Evil 5 is that you?) did some research into the system. He watched a whole lot of videos of people opening up loot boxes, and compiled his findings into a nifty table (via PC Gamer):

After going through 20 or so levels without getting any legendary skins, I decided to do a little research on the drop rate from those shiny loot boxes (while wondering what I’ve done in the past to deserve this kind of fate). So I watched those box opening videos on youtube (with great envy) and count the number of items for each rarity manually. I managed to get a sample size of 1028 boxes, then through the miracle of science calculated the drop rate.

Loot drop

So, if I were to open up around 100 loot boxes, I should expect to get around 10 legendaries or so. Here’s hoping that the next 69 I unbox contain the 8 that I am missing!

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How has your luck been in Overwatch? Have you been finding some sweet loot? Be sure to let me know so I can be extra jealous!

Last Updated: June 6, 2016

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