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Here’s a dynamic duo of Batman V Superman teaser trailers

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For centuries, mankind has scoured the cosmos, invested trillions in research and fought wars over a simple question: Can Batman beat Superman in a fair fight? And that’s a question, which is far more important than asking if we are alone in the universe or knowing what the secret herbs and spices are that are applied to each and every meal of KFC that is slowly edging me towards a mild heart attack with every bite.

They may be the world’s finest heroes, but Batman and Superman have clashed on more than one occasion. It’s a dream match-up when you think about. A stranger from a distant planet given strange and miraculous powers by our local solar battery going one on one with a billionaire psychopath who brands criminals with the mark of a flying rat for daring to do any sort of crime in his city.

And while the idea of Batman taking on Superman has been addressed in animated films, comics and video games, we’ve never seen the two go at it in a lavishly bloated Hollywood production. Until this year of course, when Superman battles a foe greater than Donald Trump’s Kryptonite-infused wig: Infinite money. Here’s a pair of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice teasers.

Director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel film from 2013 hit many high notes for me, but it wasn’t perfect. Technically superb, the film was otherwise derailed by having little levity or any real charm. Hopefully, Batman V Superman can make the last son of Krypton a little more understandable and not a moping demi-god who gets his ass handed to him in a verbal sparring match with Bruce Wayne.

But as a Bat-fan, I’ve been loving the new Batman so far. Ben Affleck looks like he’s going to own the role, provided that he can claim for an act of god with his Batmobile insurance. Besides, we all know that Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms yo.

Last Updated: January 11, 2016

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