Here’s Resident Evil 6’s TGS trailer

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Lulz...giraffe blowing simulator.

I loved Resident 4, even though it was quite a departure from the series survival horror formula, and I even enjoyed Resident Evil 5; I played through that sucker once alone (ugh, AI-controlled Sheva) and twice co-operatively. It was fun, but I’m still not convinced the series is headed in the right direction. I still believe Resident Evil 2 is the pinnacle of the franchise, so I am struggling to get excited about Resident Evil 6. This trailer out of TGS is trying its best to change my mind though.

It looks pretty neat – especially Leon’s slower-paced campaign that harkens back to older Resident Evil games. Can’t say I’m too enthused for the rest of it though; too much Michael Baysian explosions, action and cheesy drama.

Game’s out next week on PS3 and Xbox 360 -with a PC release coming a month later. It’s gotta be better than Operation Racoon City though, right?

Last Updated: September 26, 2012

Geoffrey Tim

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