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Here’s a sneak peek at the Total War: Warhammer Vampire Counts campaign

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Total War: Warhammer keeps looking and sounding better and better. From giant battles to the politics of the various factions, there’s so much lore and design to work with – the guys from Creative Assembly must have had so much fun with everything The Games Workshop had for them. As we get closer to launch, more information has been coming out. But why trust info when you can watch gameplay for yourself.

I may not always be a fan of let’s play videos, but when it comes to previews, they are fantastic. Here is a 30-minute video from Malakith showing off some gameplay he got to record of the Vampire Count campaign. I find it particularly interesting that they stick to the lore that Vampire Counts can’t capture strongholds from factions other than humans, something that becomes even more relevant since they start the game next to two Dwarven strongholds.

It’s just so cool to see how closely Total War has stuck to the Warhammer lore but still managed to make it into a Total War game. This isn’t like a Warhammer table top battle, but it does include all the interesting battles and setups that those who like that universe will enjoy – the characters and factions will be familiar and their unique approaches to research and progression will be well represented.

which faction will you be most excited to play as? Are you all about the humans of Empire, or the grudge-filled Dwarves? While the Vampire Counts look cool, nothing can beat the urge to release the dogs of WAAAAGH with the Greenskins. I’m glad that all the races will eventually make it into the game. I know, I know, DLC is evil and why can’t they just release an enormous game with all the races, but it does seem fair to charge extra considering how much will go into each of the different factions.

Last Updated: March 24, 2016

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