Here’s the Deus Ex 3 game that you almost got

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Deus Ex (2)

Way back before Deus Ex: Human Revolution was even an idea, there were plans in place for a third core Deus Ex game, that would have followed on from the events of Deus Ex 2: Invisible War. The game was never made however, but at least it lives on in one form or another.

Former games journalist Joe Martin at VideoBrains created a presentation for the game, which was being worked on at ION Storm back in the day. Here’s an image showing off some of the script and design documents for the game. Click to embiggen:

Deus Ex (1) Deus Ex (2)

Set before Invisible War, Deus Ex 3 would have tripped the nanotech fantastic with a story that hopped between past and present. “The first is about an augmented Black Ops soldier who goes AWOL upon discovering he’s been used for dodgy dealings. His handlers find him and threaten him with either court martial or his wife’s execution if he doesn’t do one final job. What’s interesting is that the missions would have fluctuated between flashbacks and new stories,” says Martin.

What’s even more interesting, is that the game had quite a few similarities to Bioshock, thanks to the presence of Ken Levine on the project:

The second story begins immediately after the ending for Deus Ex in which you destroy all global communications. In this story you’d investigate the collapse and try to save your sister from a cult which arises in the chaos.

This is oddly similar to one of the original plots for BioShock, which also had you saving a woman from a cult. Again, BioShock’s Ken Levine worked with the Deus Ex team before and, while he wasn’t involved with Deus Ex 3, these ideas were obviously on other minds too.

Give the rest of the presentation a read. It’s very much worth it, if you happen to be a fan of the franchise and what could have been –  as you’ll see how several design ideas eventually went on to influence games such as he aforementioned Bioshock and Blacksite: Area 51. Still, even though that game was canned, we did get Deus Ex: Human Revolution. A superb but rough gem, it’s getting a follow-up sequel soon, something that I most definitely did ask for.

Last Updated: September 25, 2014

Darryn Bonthuys

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  • Admiral Chief 0

    WHAT? DXHR getting sequel???? HOW DO I NOT KNOW THIS???

    • Hammersteyn

      Especially since the internet has more leaks than the Iraq navy.

  • Admiral Chief 0

    Deus Ex 1 was brilliant, DX IW, was good, but could have been so much more (silly console port), DXHR was brilliant (YES, it had flaws, but I really liked it overall)

    YAY for MOAR Deus Ex!

    • JJ the Reus

      DX IW was shite imo.

      • Admiral Chief 0

        Very, however, my love for DX1 made me hate DXIW less than I should have

        • JJ the Reus

          Yes. Very true

          • Admiral Chief 0

            I WANTED to hate it, but just couldn’t!

          • BacchusZA

            DX: IW introduced me to Kidneythieves.

            That makes that game all worthwhile, independant of any actualy gameplay considerations.

      • Hammersteyn


  • Hammersteyn

    How soon? Tomorrow? Please say the sequel releases tomorrow!

  • JJ the Reus

    This has a bit of a Blood Dragon vibe.

  • Admiral Chief 0

    A follow up on DXHR would be epic, since the end was so…weird

    • Hammersteyn

      The end was rushed the same as with ME3.

  • Admiral Chief 0

    Also, females in gaming? JC Denton as female? Pffff, didn’t they get the memo?


    • It’s okay, she is a hand-drawn female. It’s impossible to render them in games though.

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        Can you even get female models?

        • Me personally? No. But that’s more a choice than an affliction 😛

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      Well it’s all about changing your body really, so JC can be a fem-bot if he wants.

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    More DX? Well I’ve got two words for ya… YES PLEASE!

    • JJ the Reus

      I just want them to please please please bring back the darker feeling that the first DX had. The super shiny DX2 and HR wasn’t nearly as immersive.

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