Hey, there’s a second Robin Williams Zelda advert!

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You may, or may not know this, but the tremendously fuzzy and eminently loveable comic legend Robin Williams is a huge Legend of Zelda fan – going so far as to name his daughter after the game’s eponymous princess. Prior to the release of the re-mastered 3D version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Nintendo used him in a promotional spot advertising the game – and now there’s a second one. He may be old and seems to have magically gotten even furrier,making him look a little like Santa Claus – but he’s still as wacky and charming as ever.

Check out the new ad after the jump – with the original and a making-of featurette that’s well worth watching. Enjoy.

If you’re a 3DS owner and haven’t picked up Ocarina of Time 3DS yet, you really should. Right now, it’s the reason to own a 3DS. See our review here.

Last Updated: July 22, 2011

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