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Hideki Kamiya talks Bayonetta 3 and how Nintendo saved the franchise

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D-ayonetta because I feel so pretty

When it comes to action, developer Platinum Games is the go-to brand within that genre. Provided that it’s not their B-team developing a spin-off but hey let’s not dwell on that. Bayonetta might just be one of the finest such examples of pure unadulterated fun from the studio, a righteous and kinetic showcase of speed and grace that still plays beautifully today.

It’s out this month on the Nintendo Switch, alongside its sister sequel Bayonetta 2 which happens to be even better than the first game. Hell, it’s a miracle that Platinum even got to craft that sequel. Bayonetta is effectively two-thirds of an exclusive Nintendo franchise right now, thanks to the Big N stepping in at the 11th hour to rescue the franchise.

There’s a story behind the creation and continuation of Bayonetta, one which Platinum Games big cheese Hideki Kamiya detailed in a series of fascinating tweets:

Ever since Bayonetta essentially became a Nintendo exclusive, there has been whinging from some fans who can’t handle the idea of the leggy witch not being available on their totally non-kiddy platform of choice. Honestly, why should she be appearing on other systems? As Kamiya pointed out, Nintendo saved Platinum’s magnificent franchise from oblivion, putting up the cash and gambling on Bayonetta being able to provide audiences with something different.

It’s a gamble which has clearly paid off, now that Bayonetta 3 is in development. Anyway, in an industry that is usually cloaked in secrecy, I love insight like this. It’s not just fascinating reading, it makes me appreciate the work that goes into creating interactive experiences that are frankly small miracles in their own right.

If all that talk of witches and hair magic has got you hungry for more action, then don’t forget that Bayonetta 2 drops soon on the Nintendo Switch. From what I’ve seen so far of it, it looks set to be a flawless port.

Last Updated: February 13, 2018

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