High-Moon’s doing Deadpool right

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One of Gavin’s highlights from Gamescom was a first-hand look at some really early code for High-Moon Studios videogame adaptation of Marvel’s Deadpool – and he loved it, despite not knowing a thing about the character. As a confessed fan of the mentally broken reprobate mercenary, I had to senak in to a showing and have a look for myself – and from what I’ve seen, they’ve nailed the character completely.

Speaking to Ausgamers, High Moon’s game director Sean Miller reiterated the company’s focus on getting the character right  – and given his poor treatment in other media, that’s a pretty important focus.

“We have, I think, an understanding of what makes Deadpool special and we worked with Marvel to make sure that we do; we’re getting it right,” he said. “We’re staying true to the comic book roots of the character but also drawing from the things that we feel are successful in other areas; videogames, all of that other stuff.”

Marvel’s given High-Moon it’s blessing to do with the character as they will – and focus on making something fun.

“We’re coming at it as fans saying, this is the game that we’d like to play as Deadpool. And the most exciting thing is that Marvel is totally behind it. They’re on board with making this a fun experience, and they’re not afraid of making fun of the things that need to get made fun of. It’s the thing that excites them about Deadpool as a character – that it offers a different spin on the superhero universe”, Miller said.

Deadpool’s coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 some time next year – and should be a a blast. May or may not contain traces of Bea Arthur.

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Here’s a related video…and a not so related video. Enjoy.

Last Updated: August 23, 2012

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