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History points to a Xbox 360 price cut

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While the gaming world is screaming for a PS3 price cut it seams that the Xbox 360 is about to break a record… and it’s not a good one.

If the 360 passes July without a price cut it will be the first console to last this long without cutting it’s price.

I for one don’t expect a price cut until after Halo 3 is released. Well put it this way, they are still selling adequetly at the moment and when Halo 3 and BioShock are released they will sell a couple more million consoles. Then by November when all the Halo nuts have a console I would then drop it by $100 (which is what history dictates).

So anyone for a Xbox 360 premium at R2699? That really would hurt the PS3 in South Africa.

Link to CONSOLE PRICE CUTS: THE EVIDENCE : Next Generation – Interactive Entertainment Today, Video Game and Industry News

Last Updated: June 7, 2007

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