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Hitman Episode 4: Bangkok – Club 27 guide

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Thailand! Beautiful, majestic and home to at least a thousand ways to die in the latest episode of Hitman. Jordan Cross has been a naughty boy, while lawyer Ken Morgan already purchased a ticket to the afterlife by deciding to become an avocado at law and some other nasty business he may have orchestrated is just icing on the top.

Episode 4 of Hitman charges you with murdering the rock star and his family lawyer, a pair of kills that may seem daunting at first within the confines of the Himmapan Hotel but is perfectly doable once you know how. Let’s break it down:


  • Jordan Cross
  • Ken Morgan


  • Abel de Silva
  • Exterminator
  • Groundskeeper
  • Hotel Security
  • Hotel Staff
  • Jordan Cross’ Bodyguard
  • Kitchen Staff
  • Morgan’s Bodyguard
  • Recording Crew
  • Stalker
  • Waiter

Tuk Tuk and away!

Ken Morgan wants to bring a souvenir back from Thailand, and he happens to have found the perfect trinket: An old Tuk Tuk. The only problem here? It’s not exactly in decent working condition, much to the dismay of the gardener who wants to flip it for a quick buck. You’ll need to have a disguise on for this bit, to enter the part of the Himmapan Hotel yard that is closed off to guests. Like with several other kills, you can easily grab some hotel staff clothes by checking into your suite and calling in room service.

Once you are disguised, head down the stairs to the right and grab a wrench from the service floors. Explore a little bit more before you go back upstairs, and you can also grab a screwdriver.

Hitman episode 4 guide (8)

Hitman episode 4 guide (7)

With those two items, go back up and fix the Tuk Tuk. With the engine working and switched off, wait for the gardener to leave and then proceed to puncture the oil drum next to the jalopy. With that drum leaking some volatile fluids, sit back, wait and watch Ken Morgan get more than he bargained for when he starts the engine…

Are friends electric?

Jordan Cross has had a special microphone flown in for his new album recording, a microphone that has a shady history attached to it. Only problem? It’s in the room of a guest on the same floor as you, and you don’t have keycard access inside. There’s two easy ways inside that room: Wait for a guest to pop up, and sneak in behind her.

Hitman episode 4 guide (6)

Or, you can grab an all access keycard. You can do just that by disguising yourself as hotel staff and entering the west wing of the hotel where most of the Cross entourage and crew is staying. On the second floor, staff is busy cleaning a room and you can find the keycard on a desk to the far side. Be careful though, as at least one staff member will see through your disguise.

Hitman episode 4 guide (5)

With that keycard, you can enter the room and grab the mic. In the bathroom, you can also find a change of clothes to make you look like stage crew. All you have to do now is head upstairs and talk to the production staff. Switch mics, change the voltage to a dangerously high level and mix some music. And Cross will be primed to enter Club 27 when he starts performing.

It’s my party

By now, you should have a starting disguise of a kitchen chef. Alternatively, you can infiltrate the kitchen as a waiter, a disguise that can be found below in the change rooms or by ambushing a waiter who regularly pops off for a cigarette in a shed near the jetty where you start episode 4. Anyway, easy kill this. While the chef rants and raves about the vegan cake, you can take the 27 topper away from his table when his back is turned. As a chef, place the topper on the cake found upstairs in the west wing and wait for Cross to appear.

Hitman episode 4 guide (4)

Before you do that, you can also poison the cake with some toxins to make Cross hurl or die on the spot, but feel free to not do that just yet. Instead, wait for Cross to throw a tantrum, at which point he’ll be left all alone, face hovering ever closer to some airway-obstructing vegan meal options…


This mission takes a bit of a while, so make certain that you have some emetic poison or rat poison with you. Disguise yourself as stage crew or any other clothing that will get you all the way to the top of the floor where the Cross entourage hangs out. Right, riiiiiight at the top is a garden where the crew chills. On the far side, Jordan Cross’s manager Dexy Barratt will occasionally appear to threaten Jordan’s father or try to talk some sense into him. Pay attention, because she also sips occasionaly from a wine glass there.

Hitman episode 4 guide (3)

Poison that glass, and follow her into the bathroom. Get rid of her, and Dexy will drop the combination to her safe. Sneak into her room, open the safe and retrieve the recording. Now sneak into Jordan’s room across the hallway, insert the recording where he fought with his deceased girlfriend and take a seat. Jordan will enter, and you’ll have an easy killshot lined up with the rest of the crew none the wiser to your antics.

Man Machine

The Class has need of a new drummer, and Agent 47 is actually rather handy with a pair of sticks. You’ll need to disguise yourself as one however, and that also requires slipping into a hotel disguise to slip into the private room where some of the Class crew are enjoying lunch. Abel De Silva will pop up there occasionally, and hang out on the balcony for a minute.

Hitman episode 4 guide (2)

Once he’s there, distract him into the empty room next door and take him out. Drummer disguise sorted, make your way through the door and not back through the bar, upstairs and impress the hell out of Jordan. Jordan will then ask you to meet him on the atrium roof for a private chat. Follow him, and when he decides to turn his back to you, introduce him to the effects of gravity and glass.


An easy one, but one that requires quick timing to pull off properly. Disguised as hotel staff, make your way to the west wing again, to where the insect exterminator is setting up a bug genocide. He’ll make his way into the storage room soon enough, along with the hotel manager. Get rid of both of them, steal the exterminator disguise and go outside to where your van is parked.

Hitman episode 4 guide (1)

Distract your colleague, grab the pesticide canister and go have a chat with the hotel manager. Once she’s done warning you not to engage in any shenanigans (I promise winkwink), go back to that storage room and wait for Cross to pop up. Pop the canister in the ventilation, gas everyone and stroll on over to insert a bullet into Cross. Or off his comatose body with any number of other methods available to you.

On the house

Ken Morgan isn’t happy that his suite that he booked happens to have been trashed. Slip into a hotel staff disguise, grovel a bit and convince him to go upstairs with you to inspect the cleaning efforts of his suite. Morgan will find numerous faults, which you can rectify by cleaning them up for him. The challenge here is keeping his bodyguard away, an opportunity that’ll happen when Morgan decides to inspect the toilet.Be a shame if someone were to drown in a toilet full of piss. A right shame.

And that’s it for now! Just the tip of the murderberg once again, as there are numerous other options available for you to burn, electrocute and strangle Jordan Cross and Ken Morgan as you work your way to full level mastery. Get to it.

Last Updated: August 22, 2016


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