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Hitman Episode 5: Colorado Guide

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Hitman Kills (4)

Hitman’s latest episode ain’t exactly easy. It’s the purest version of the game yet, a tense foray into sandbox stealth where Agent 47 is grossly outnumbered. Fortunately, when it comes to apathetic sociopaths, you’ve got me on your side. Let’s get to work then. You’ve got four targets to dispose of:

  • Sean Rose
  • Ezra Berg
  • Penelope Graves
  • Maya Parvati

Slurry Pit Kill

Penelope Graves is new to the group of anarchistic rabble-rousers, and they’ve got one final test in mind for her. Sean Rose and pals want to test her loyalties, and have arranged for one of their operatives to eventually confront Penelope and pretend to be an Interpol agent to see where her loyalties lie. An opportunity that is too good too pass up. At first glance, it may seem impossible to get the Interpol badge off of this militia man, as his path regularly weaves around numerous other characters.

Thing is, that’s not where you’re supposed to get rid of this fella. Instead, wait for him to leave his post, and once he is far away, flip the generator off. His colleague will come to investigate, buying you enough time to slip some rat poison or that other emetic poison that you carry with you into his cup of coffee. If you need to find some rat poison, you can find a vial of the stuff in the barn where the Point Man is busy recovering from a busted knee.

Anyway, you’ll soon have this fake Interpol dude heaving his guts off in a corner, so take him out and shove him into a nearby toolbox. Confront Graves, and go wait for her near the slurry pit. Once you’ve had a tense moment in the shed near there. Graves will dismiss her armed escort and ponder how she landed up in this sticky situation. Ponder, with her back turned to you and completely unaware of any impending danger of being drowned in slurry/having her throat slit with a nearby axe/strangled with piano-wire/shot in the head.

The opportunities are endless here.

Explosive overload

Here’s an easy one. Once you’re disguised as a bomb technician, you can fiddle with Sean Rose’s nitro mixture. Head towards the waypoint, and you’ll see that the nitro-glycerine is currently being guarded by an alert bookworm. He’s easy enough to bypass, as switching off a generator on the other end of this section will result in him leaving his post to go switch it back on.

Grab the nitro, head back to the bomb range and quickly overload the formula. Sean Rose will soon pop up, take the mixture and find out the hard way that this compound packs a bit of a bigger punch than he’s used to.

What’s the time?

Or there’s one other devious way to off Sean Rose. Turns out that he has been working on a wrist-mounted explosive, held in a watch and triggered by an email. You’ll need to gain access to the compound, which calls for an elite militia outfit. You can grab one easily, from the two inattentive militia members who discuss just about everything from Trump to torture, in a shed that one of your other targets routinely wanders to.

Grab the disguise, go inside and work your way to the second floor, where’ll you’ll find an explosive watch battery in a room connected to the bathroom. Once you have that, grab the phone of a hacker in the hacktivist room and exit the house. In the barn where Rose works on his stuff, quickly swap batteries when he goes to wash his hands.

Now sit back, wait for Rose to appear outside and send him an email with the phone. Kaboom baby.

I can’t believe it’s not batter

One of your other targets is busy running some drills. Only problem? Her point-man Burgess has a buggered knee. Time to take over for him. Burgess can easily be disposed of. He regularly has some water, so spike his drink when his back is turned. Burgess will go upchuck in a nearby bathroom, where you can then drown him in his own sick.

Once disguised, make your way to Maya Parvati and attend her briefing. BEFORE you sit down however, tamper with the safety mechanism on the battering ram and then go grab a seat. Grab the crowbar on the weapons table nearby, run the drill and bask in praise. If you haven’t yet disposed of Sean Rose, he’ll occasionally appear during this run to speak to Maya.

And the two of them will be standing directly in the path of that battering ram. It’d be a shame if someone were to activate it then, a right shame.

Berg baby, Berg

Mossad agent Berg is the easiest guy to off. Remember that shed I mentioned? Get rid of the guys guarding it, and you can grab a wrench and tamper with the gas canister. Berg will arrive here to mix up some concoctions, and end up exploding his Michael Myers mask off. Alternatively, you can grab the basement key and work your way in there, messing with the victim Berg has strung up and waiting for him to pitch up. With no witness around, Berg is an easy mark here.

And that’s it for now! The beauty of Hitman is that repetition pays off. There are numerous other ways to get started here. Consider this a primer for more grisly experimentation.

Last Updated: September 30, 2016

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