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Holding thumbs for TheBookmarks tonight

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The what now? The Bookmarks is a local awards ceremony that is held every year and is currently sponsored by the BBC and FNB amongst others. The goal of the ceremony is to highlight the best media houses in the country and give them some reward for all their hard work.

Now it’s mainly aimed at the giants in the industry such as Media24, Avusa, DSTV, Ogilvy and a whole bunch of other mammoth companies but they also have a category for niche media for the little companies that earn less than R5 million a year.

We entered this year into this category and I have to say I was very proud to see that we were shortlisted along with a some other sites for the awards.

The entire shortlist is as follows

24.com – Channel24.com
24.com – Parent24
Ashsky Media – Lazygamer.net
Both Worlds & Clickshape – ZANEWS NETWORK
Burn Media/Creative Spark – Memeburn
Media24 Magazines – YourParenting.co.za
MyBroadband – BusinessTech
New Media Publishing  – Woolworths TASTE Digital
New Media Publishing – www.eatout.co.za
Quirk Cape Town – ELLE Blog
Unilever/Knorr – Whatsfordinner

Now it doesn’t take a genius to realise we are outgunned here both financially and experience wise, and as it’s our first time in being shortlisted our chances of winning are slim to none but we’re proud of what we’ve achieved anyway.

Unfortunately I can’t make the ceremony tonight as it is in Cape Town but our loyal friend and top movie buff over at www.themovies.co.za, Kervyn Cloete and his gorgeous wife are standing in for us. I hope you guys have a great evening and if the impossible happens and you are called up to collect a prize I hope you do it like a Sir.

There is no point to this post, I just feel like a dad at their child’s graduation and I’m telling as many people as I can.


[Update] Okay I think this has already been checked by our resident editors and I can now sneak in something else without them noticing.

This site wouldn’t be half the product that it is today without the amazing team that tirelessly works away behind the scenes finding content, keeping things held together and generally being awesome people.

Geoff is the longest standing employee and without his completely anal attention to spelling and grammar we’d all be uncovered as the half wits we truly are.

Darryn is possibly the nicest person you could ever meet and while we go out of our way to insult him and his girly parts whenever we can it really is an honour to have him on our team as he brings a side of WTF to any conversation we bring up… 

Garth isn’t yet a full timer but is easily the best reviewer we have in our arsenal (yes even the 10/10) and is always willing to lend a hand when things get really tough not to mention he knows more about Magic than the Magic professional we interviewed.

Yolanda is the latest addition to the company and has brought much joy into the company chat with her afrikaanisms that make Geoff’s day. Also her grasp of MMO’s and eSports puts us all to shame.. or to sleep.. it depends on which one she is rambling on about.

We also have a great team of random freelancers with the ever cynical Tauriq Moosa creating some of the most original content ever seen. Abigail always chips in and helps out with those games that we really really don’t like.. yes The Sims which she has this weird fascination with. Jim Lenoir who can find something wrong with everything but yet is still a great guy and Matthew Figuera who throws in the odd PC article in between his studies, exams are nearly over and we’ll surely hear more from him then.

You guys really are the best team and as soon as we secure that multi-million Rand advertising I’m buying you all a happy meal… to share.

Apologies for any grammar errors up there.. I snuck this in after editing was complete

Last Updated: November 1, 2012

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