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Horizon: Zero Dawn offers “hours and hours of exploration” in a coherent world

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Horizon Aloy

While cool games are released every year, there are always games announced that are a bit further away that make me wish I could just speed up time. Horizon: Zero Dawn is such a game. With a post-post-apocalyptic setting that has me far too excited to see more, I have been desperate for any new information about the game. Now we get a few more hints, and they continue to make me happy.

Speaking to IGN, studio managing director Herman Hulst explained that the game is all about unravelling the mysteries of the world through Aloy, the intelligent, agile, curious and empathetic woman who leads the game. While he couldn’t share more about the story, he could explain a little bit more about the world:

I think the strength of Horizon is that everything that’s in the game is there for a purpose, everything is coherent. There’s a lot of cohesion between the tribes, how Eloi (sic) relates to the tribes, the machines, the robotic creatures in the game, what their function is, how they interrelate, how Eloi (sic) relates to them. So actually if you think it through, it’s one big plan. But yeah if you zoom in on one individual element it can be strange.

[…] The tribes are very different and you’re gonna explore in this game why the tribes look so different from each other, why they treat Eloi (sic) so differently. There is a purpose for that.

[…] It’s a big world. It’s never been our ambition to make the biggest possible world, cause it’s not really about that, it’s about the quality of the journey, and the quality of the tactical combat against these machines. But it’s a vast world that’s hours and hours of exploration in this post-post-apocalyptic playground.

I’m not too sure why IGN was misspelling Aloy’s name, but I am intrigued by what Hulst had to say. A big world with various tribes that are cohesive but also unique? They will look different which means that they will probably have various interactions and affinities with the mechanical creatures as compared with the more organic life forms. Plus they will relate to Aloy in unique ways? Sign me up and let me start playing this already!

Last Updated: September 14, 2015

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