How do you celebrate a gaming win?

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Celebratory dance

Did you know that Ice-T is a huge gamer? Apparently he’s even in a Call of Duty clan. However, when he went on Conan, the discussion turned to celebrations of a big win, and the way Ice-T celebrates can’t be that unusual.

Check out this clip from the show:

For those who don’t watch videos, Ice-T explains how immersed in the games he gets – shouting and screaming at the TV. He is part of clan SMG (Sex, Money, and Guns) and plays a ton of Call of Duty. For those who think he’s making this up, listen to his rants about camping and you’ll be converted. However, the truly hilarious part comes when he explains that when he wins and celebrates, he does “The Dick Dance” and it doesn’t involve dancing with anyone named Richard. Without showing anything vulgar, he then proceeds to demonstrate the dance and hilarity ensues.

I started thinking about my celebrations. Often I will jump up and do a happy dance if I overcome a particularly difficult hurdle. But it’s not extended and most of my celebrations are more internal when it comes to gaming victories. I might shout out “Yes!” or some other similar exclamation, but it seems I’m more expressive when I’m frustrated or losing – making huffing noises, hurling expletives at the screen and other such activities.

How do you express the emotions brought on by gaming highs and lows? Are you an active celebrator, or are you satisfied with a simple sigh and a smile?

Last Updated: June 25, 2014

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