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How does the DOTA International prize pool stack up to traditional sports?

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We recently reported that the DOTA 2 International was about to cross the $6 million mark (a feat which has now been achieved). So it got me thinking about how that compares with the more traditional sports in the world.

First up I started looking at the massive sports in the world like the Premier League Football or NBA in America, however all those sports have far bigger prize pools. So I decided to rather look at the local famous sporting events and then the size of the DOTA International starts to take shape.

Now keep this in mind, the winning team of the DOTA International are expected to receive $3 million, or R31 130 100 in local currency out of the total prize pot of around R62 million.

The Comrades

So let’s start with our internationally respected ultra marathon, The Comrades. In 2012 the male and female winners both received R300 000 out of a total prize pool of R2 223 000. I don’t know about you but I’d rather sit in my chair playing a game rather than running 89 kilometres.

The Currie Cup

But what about that bastion of local Rugby tournaments, The Currie Cup? Well last year when the Western Cape held the final the money for winning the tournament was set at R1.8 million with the second spot taking back R1.2 million.

Super Rugby

Ah but the Currie Cup lost a bit of its sheen when Super Rugby arrived so let’s take a look at how much the elite rugby players in this rugby mad country can earn at the top of their game. And this is where it gets a bit interesting, I literally cannot find anything to say how much the prize pot is for the Super 15, it’s a state secret apparently.

Indian Premier League Cricket

The IPL is well known as the richest cricketing tournament in the world but even it pales in comparison to the International with the winning team walking away with around R20 million, a full R10 million less than the 5 man DOTA team.

Durban July – Horse Racing

The most prestigious event on the local Horse Racing calendar is the Durban July. It’s the time of year where all our beautiful people put on stupid hats and mingle while smelly animals run in circles.

But if you can make your animal run in a circle faster than anyone else’s you can pocket a cool R3.5 million.

ABSA Premier League

And last but not least we take a look at the ABSA Premiership which is by far and away the most followed sport in South Africa. In the 2012/2013 season the winning team would net a cool R10 million with the second place team taking home R5 million.

Now obviously we do need to add the caveat that most of these other athletes get paid a solid monthly wage as well but either way you slice it the DOTA International is easily one of the biggest sporting events on the planet and far larger than what we have on show locally.

So the next time your parents tell you to stop wasting time on the computer just point them here and tell them that you are training to be a millionaire.

Last Updated: May 22, 2014

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