How legit are silencer attachments in video games?

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Silencer attachments in both games and movies give the impression that weapon noise can be reduced to nothing more than a whisper. How true is this though? A gunshot creates one heck of a noise. Is it really possible to snuff it out to near inaudible levels? Apparently not.

YouTube user RagnarRox takes a closer look at the myth that is the silencer (via Reddit).

The “silenced pistol”, or suppressed-pistol, as is the correct term, has become a symbol for whisper-quiet badassery in movies and video games, but how do these things really work?

RagnarRox takes a humorous approach while still breaking down all the necessary information into bits that are easy enough for even somebody like me to understand. For starters, calling the accessory a silencer is incorrect – it’s a suppressor. Yes, I’m sure all the Call of Duty and Battlefield gamers already know that, but you can’t tell me you knew that the term silencer is wrong

A gun has three sources of noise; mechanical, gas pressure, and ballistic crack. The first is obvious, that is the noise a weapon makes when being loaded or inserting a new bullet into the chamber between shots. The second is the “bang” of the weapon, the noise of all the gas escaping the barrel. Lastly, ballistic crack is the noise the bullet makes when passing the supersonic threshold – ie, SONIC BOOM! The video takes a look at these all individually, and explains exactly how a suppressor aims to minimise their audio levels.

It’s an interesting watch, something I think all of you will enjoy.If for some reason you can’t though, what does it all boil down to? The silencer is a lie. Real life suppressors can minimise noise, but nowhere near the level that would allow you to clear a whole room of enemies without them being aware of it.

Splinter Cell? Unrealistic! Hitman? Unbelievable! All games are lies. Gaming is fake! Excuse me while I go get a reality check.

(October 22, 2014

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